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Local Honey with Fruit & Spices. That’s It.

Mead, with honey as its primary sugar source for fermentation, has a taste history of every flower that a bee visited during our honey's creation. We use this raw, flavor packed natural sugar to craft modern mead in a huge spectrum of flavors, ranging from letting honey stand alone in our evergreen traditional Wild Ohio to our wildly experimental PB&J release. Mead is the wild west of fermentation, so here are no stuffy standards that curbs Brothers Drake’s creativity.


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Continually Reinventing.

Brothers Drake Meadery was established in 2007 in Worthington, Ohio when fewer than 40 meaderies existed in the United States. The origin of our namesake refers to the Drake brothers, Eric and Woody, who were creating mead well before one could readily find home brewing kits.

We care about local production, sustainable business, and supporting local artists, local musicians, and our staff. When we support our team to work with fair wages and be a part of creating a local economy, we empower them to bring their skills and talents to a wider audience in a more effective way.

We know you're here for the delicious meads, but you'll stay because you'll find some truly creative and interesting new friends at Brothers Drake.

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