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Wednesday & Thursday 5pm - 8pm

Friday 5pm - 10pm 

Saturday 1pm - 10pm

Sunday 1pm - 6pm 

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Mead Tasting   Cocktail Bar   Live Music

Our location has been setting the standard for craft alcohol made from honey for ten years running. Our facility has grown with us as we pioneered our craft, and now produces close to 10,000 gallons of mead per year. Our bar features meads available on tap, and by the bottle to go. We also made a commitment to serve only Ohio made beer and spirits at our bar, developing our unique mead cocktail menu.  Live music and local art has been a big part of our culture from the beginning too.  We have since built a high quality sound stage that hosts local and traveling independent music.  Our walls feature new local artists every month.  We invite you to come in and explore what the makers, musicians and artists of Ohio have crafted.   


Local Honey with Fruit & Spices  

Mead, with honey as its primary sugar source for fermentation, has a taste history of all the flowers from which the bees gathered nectar. We use this raw, flavor packed natural sugar to craft modern meads in a huge spectrum of flavors from traditional honey in our Wild Ohio to our  grown up Peanut Butter and Jelly.  Mead is the wild west of fermentation.  There are no stuffy standards that curb our creativity. 

We just focus on quality of taste and a high standard of ingredients. 

For more on the students of CCAD's Matthew Mohr that helped us develop a new phase of our branding: and

Hours and Contact Information

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Short North 

26 E 5th Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43201

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1554 Polaris Parkway

Columbus, Ohio 43240


Walk in bar and live music:

Tuesday: 5pm - 12 pm 

Wednesday: 5pm with Jazz at 8pm (FREE)

Thursday: 5 pm 

Friday: 5 pm  - 2:30 am

Saturday: 1pm - 2:30 am

Sunday: 1pm - 8-ish pm

Monday: Closed


Saturday Tours:

Tours start at 2pm and 4pm 

Cost is $15 per person.

Must be 21+ to sample.


Walk in bar:

Wednesday: 5pm - 8pm

Thursday: 5pm - 8pm 

Friday: 5pm  - 10pm

Saturday: 1pm - 10pm

Sunday: 1pm - 6-ish pm

Visit Us

Short North

26 E 5th Ave

Columbus, Ohio 43201


1554 Polaris Parkway

Columbus Ohio 43240


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