We take pride in supporting and growing the Columbus music scene.

The mythical powers of mead are believed to be one of the original catalysts for our culture of creativity. At Brothers Drake we play host to a huge range of live, local music and need to see touring acts.  Our Jazz Wednesday showcases the most talented original jazz and funk musicians in the city.  You can dance the night away with our 90's soul party.  Or check the hottest singer songwriter acts touring the region.  If you're looking for authentic, innovative music, you know Brothers Drake brings the highest quality sound experience in a comfortable and classy venue.   


MAY 31, 2019


The Dollhouse is founded on the principles of intersectional feminism. We work to empower queer, POC, transgender, gender non-conforming, and women artists. Our goal is to showcase and compensate artists and writers who have been marginalized by society to shift the representation of art away from being so incredibly male dominated. This magazine serves to inspire, educate and comfort readers in a world where some fight to feel included. We hope to be a voice in the fight for equality, visibility, and human rights.  

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Short North

26 E 5th Ave

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