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Wild Ohio   6/25

A traditional Ohio Wildflower Honey Mead : Semi Dry

Honey Oak     7/25

Ohio wildflower honey fermented with water aged on French & American Oak : Dry

Ginger Verve   7/25

Ohio wildflower honey & infused with lavendar, chamomile, vanilla beans & ginger : Semi Sweet.


Apple Pie   8/30

Ohio wildflower honey with fresh Ohio apple cider. Spiced with organic cinnamon, nutmeg and clove : Sweet

Peach Rush   8/30

Fresh peaches fermented with Ohio wildflower honey. Minimal filtering preserves peach flavor : Semi-sweet

Pyrus   8/30

Pear and honey in a delicious version of a traditional perry : Sweet

Battle Axe   7/25

A cranberry mead infused with vanilla and juniper berries : Semi Sweet

Bourbon Barrel Gravenstein   8/30

A slightly carbonated and sour cyser from Gravenstein varietal apples aged in Bourbon Barrels : Dry

Ride or Lodi   7/25

Lodi apple with Ohio honey with a nice crisp finish : Dry

Passion Fruit   8/30

A blend of honey and passionfruit : Dry

Julian's Pyment 8/30

A concord grape mead with blueberries : sweet

Blueberry Yum Yum 8/30

A ludicrous blueberry mead :

semi sweet

Blueberry Chai 8/30

A blueberry mead with chai spices : semi sweet


Bouron Barrel Apple Pie 9/38

Our apple pie mead aged for 12 months in Middle West Bourbon Barrels : sweet

House Flight $15

Wild Ohio

Ginger Verve

Battle Axe

Apple Pie

Guest Choice


Create your own flight and pick any 5 meads


 Ask your bartender for our current local selections


Bees Knees $10

LUX & Umbra Gin with honey syrup and fresh lemon juice

Blue Normandie $12

OYO Vodka, Blueberry Chai Mead, Creme de Cacao, with locally sourced honey

Triploid Noir $12

MiddleWest Bourbon & Gravenstein Mead with Sumac Syrup

Wild Sweet Annie $10

MiddleWest Whiskey with Wild Ohio Mead and Domaine de Canton

Courtland $10

MiddleWest Whiskey with Apple Pie Mead

Battle Me $10

Vim & Petal Gin with Lustau Vermouth, Battle Axe Mead, and orange bitters

Passion Is Danger $12

A house carbonated mix of Vim and Petal Gin & Passion Fruit mead with a lemon zing

A Red Eye to....Somewhere... $12

Coffee Rum with Honey Oak Mead, espresso powder and cream

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