Wild Ohio  $6/$20

Traditional mead with wildflower honey: semi dry 


Blueberry Chai  $7/$25

Blueberry melomel with Chai notes: semi sweet

Ginger Verve  $7/$25

Wildflower honey with chamomile, lavender, vanilla, and ginger: semi sweet 

Battle Axe  $7/$25

Wildflower and cranberry mead with juniper berry & vanilla with bold and tart tones: semi sweet

 Blue Lemonade  $7/$25

Notes of blueberry and lemon zest : semi sweet 

Apple Pie  $8/$30

Ohio honey, cider apples and pie spices of cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon: sweet

***Ask about our vintage Apple Pie varietals!! $8/$30


Strongarm  $8/$35

Spiced Apple Mead aged in whiskey barrels: sweet

Damn Girl  $7/$25

A peach honey wine that makes you want to dance your pants off : sweet

Polly The Younger  $6/$20

This is our Pollinator mead, only younger, bright, un-oaked and full of hope. Dedicated to the power and health of our pollinators : semi sweet 

Apfelwine  $8/$30

A special ferment of wildflower honey and Gravenstein apples in the style of Frankfurt apfelwein, tart and sour with a bold apple taste : dry


Cyser  $8/$30

Ohio-sourced pressed apple cider with raw local wildflower honey come together in a crisp apple forward : semi sweet 


San Francisco Orange Blossom  $8/$30

Traditional mead made from California Orange Blossom honey: dry

San Francisco Stonefruit  $8/$30

Wildflower honey fermented with peach and apricot then aged in Bourbon Barrels for one year : semi dry

San Francisco California Gold  $8/$30

A traditional style mead aged on American Oak : dry

Honey Oak $7/$25

  Ohio wildflower honey aged on French and American Oak. Pronounced honey nose and flavors of caramel and woodiness are enhance by the oak : semi-dry

Blueberry YumYum  $7/$25

Got a little blueberry yum yum and we never thought it would taste sooooo good. Blueberry and Ohio honey : semi sweet



Wild Ohio

Ginger Verve

Blueberry Yum Yum

Battle Axe

Apple Pie


Get creative and make your own flight!


Twenty Acres Cabernet Sauvingnon

Dashwood Sauvignon Blanc



   Ask your bartender for our current selections!




Courtland  $10

Whiskey with our Apple Pie Mead served neat

Meadhattan  $12

Bourbon with Luxardo, Wild Ohio mead, and bitters

Flytown Mule  $10

Your choice of Whiskey, Gin, or Vodka with lime and Ginger Beer

Hell Raiser $10

Bourbon with Ginger Verve mead, Domaine de Canton, and lemon

Trust Fall $10

Whiskey, Honey Vanilla Vodka, and Espresso Vodka with eggnog

and Apple Pie Mead

Non Alcoholic: $4.00

Ginger Beer




Orange Juice & Cranberry Juice


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