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At Brothers Drake Meadery, we source raw Ohio honey and high quality ingredients to design some of the most refined and tasty meads available.  We aim to create meads that are not only delicious on their own but also pair well with food, are versatile in cocktails and embody the energy of their ancient brews.

We started our mead club so that we can share more special meads with you. Whether you're a seasoned member of the Brother's Drake family or are a new fan of our craft, our club is for you.

Every quarter we will share a special selection of our meads with you. Our selection will give you a sneak peek at our newest batches and craziest experiments. We'll also dig deep into the mead vault to gift you some of our rarest finds that are aged to perfection. Other benefits of membership include mead tastings and food pairing events,  and access to members only meads and vintages not available to the public.



  • Members will have access to early release mead, members only small batch releases and access to our mead vault.

  • Membership is free, you just pay for the mead!

  • We'll send you four shipments of three bottles per year.

  • Locals are welcome to pick up their shipment directly from the meadery.

  • Depending on what we're sending, each mead club drop will be priced between $70 - 100

  • Members will have access to members only events such as: mead tastings and food pairings, free tours and barrel tastings, demonstrations by the mead maker and mead maker signed bottles

  • Mead Club Only swag


  • We cannot ship to a P.O. Box or APO address

  • We recommend that you ship to your office business.  It's more likely someone will be available to sign for your order during regular delivery times and shipping costs are generally lower. 

  • Broken shipments are insured. Please notify the meadery if you incur such a shipment.

  • Shipments do require an adult signature of 21 years of age or older. After 3 attempts to delivery, shipments are held at UPS for 10 days and then returned. We hope this does not happen as we provide advance notice and tracking numbers for shipments. A return packaging fee as well as reshipping fee may be charged to the customer.

  • Shipping tracking number are provided so you are aware of when a shipment is due to be delivered and can arrange for an adult of 21 years of age older to be available to sign for the package.

  • Redirected shipments: Once shipped, if you do need to change shipping destinations, a fee may apply.

  • Individual state regulations for taxes and limits do apply.

  • Membership will automatically renew until you email a request to terminate membership.

  • One year commitment for all members - early termination fee may be imposed​


  • Q. I'd like to pick up my club releases at the do I make that happen?

  • A. Send an email to and let us know that you'd like to pick-up.

  • Q. What will be included in quarterly club releases?

  • A. Quarterly club releases will include a selection of meads chosen by the meadmaker.  Releases will include a mix of of year-round, seasonal and limited release meads.  We will make sure to mix things up throughout the year to provide an awesome variety of meads that span the category with different styles.  You may receive the same mead more than once on occasion but only styles that we are super excited about or that we feel you'll definitely want more than one of!  

  • Q. Take my money!  When/How do I pay?

  • A.  The Mead Club is free to join.  You're only billed at the time of each quarterly shipment.  We will send out an email a few weeks in advance and let you know that your delicious package of mead will be shipping soon.  We'll also email the day before and let you know the charge will be coming to the card.

  • Q. How much will shipping be?

  • A. Our club management platform, Vinoshippper, has managed the lowest shipping rates possible.  Shipping of course will depend upon your where you're located but you should expect roughly $16-$30 based on distance from where we are located.  Note: shipping charges tend to peak at the six bottle other words it's usually only about $5.00 or so more to ship twelve bottles than it is to just ship six. (You'll want twelve.)

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